Energy Performance Certificates

We are fully accredited energy assessors for new-build dwellings and non-domestic energy performance certificate’s (EPC’s) in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document which states the energy efficiency of a building. They provide an analysis of a property’s energy performance and identify cost-effective improvement measures that help to save energy, reduce bills and cut carbon dioxide emissions. With very few exceptions the law requires that all buildings must have an EPC lodged on the Central Register upon completion of construction. 

'Design Stage' Assessment

It is prudent to check the EPC rating that your building is likely to achieve, particularly if you wish to achieve a specific EPC rating. We will perform an assessment using approved software to establish the EPC rating your building is achieving based on design stage data.

‘As-Built’ Assessment

We are fully qualified to produce EPCs for a variety of buildings across the construction industry. The different procedures for domestic and non-domestic buildings are described below:


Once the construction of the building is complete a second assessment will be undertaken by Carbon Futures to check that any deviations from the ‘design stage’ calculation are reviewed to ensure compliance with regulations has been maintained. 

We do not need to visit the site and all information is gathered via correspondence between the project design team.

Towards completion, we will typically distribute a checklist requesting as-built details of the thermal envelope, building services, air pressure test results and any other changes that may have occurred during the build process. You will generally be asked to check, sign and return the checklist which will be held on file for quality control purposes. 

Upon receipt of the signed checklist, the EPC will be lodged on the central register, enabling us to generate the EPC for the dwelling in electronic PDF format. A copy of the EPC will then be emailed to the relevant person for submission to Building Standards and display within the dwelling.


All non-domestic EPC’s must be performed by an accredited Low Carbon Energy Assessor and lodged on a central register.

Towards completion, we will distribute a schedule of information requesting as-built details of the thermal envelope and building services. The thermal model is updated to reflect the building before running the EPC calculation within the IES Virtual Environment software.

The Low Carbon Energy Assessor is also required to visit the site to verify the installation reflects the as-built information. After the survey, and on receipt of all as-built information, the EPC can then be lodged on the central register and will be issued.

As Low Carbon Energy Assessors are externally audited, you can be assured that we perform at the highest of standards, whilst we work swiftly to avoid handover delays.


Carbon Futures offer a wide range of services that we have utilised to maximise energy efficiency in design and construction.  This is an approach that we have employed successfully both in Contracting and in the development of the design of our range of standard private house types which have been tailored to meet both current and future Building Regulations.  Carbon Futures innovative approach to the development of design solutions and their participation in value engineering has ensured that developments have progressed within our Client’s budget.  Since formation of Carbon Futures, Campion Homes have been happy to work in partnership on a number of projects and continue to do so on an ongoing basis.

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