As a leading independent consultancy operating throughout the UK, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to a variety of sectors across the construction industry with clients ranging from architects and developers through to registered social landlords and local authorities.

Net Zero Carbon

The Scottish Government have set a target for the country to achieve ‘Net Zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, with numerous local authorities aiming to achieve this in their respective cities by 2030. We work closely with our clients and design teams to help...

Planning Consultancy

We are a leading independent energy and sustainability consultancy highly experienced in supporting the delivery of low-carbon, energy efficient developments across a variety of sectors of the construction industry.

Energy Design Analysis

With the drive towards 100% net zero carbon buildings presenting a challenging landscape, we work closely with our clients to develop sustainable, low carbon solutions that aim to reduce operational energy use and future proof developments against upcoming...

Energy Assessments

As accredited Energy Assessors and Low Carbon Consultants, we are fully qualified to produce energy assessments on both residential (SAP) and commercial (SBEM) developments. 

Energy Design Certification

As Approved Certifiers of Design we are fully qualified to certify the energy design of buildings in Scotland.

Energy Performance Certification

As experienced energy assessors we are fully accredited to produce Energy Performance Certificate’s (EPC’s) for new-build dwellings and commercial buildings throughout the UK.

PSI-value Calculations

As accredited thermal modellers, we can produce bespoke psi-value calculations to achieve an accurate, highly efficient, and cost-effective fabric performance for new-build developments.

Construction Details

Our timber frame construction detail packs provide a valuable resource to project design teams. Compared against Accredited Construction Details, our packs can improve thermal bridging performance by up to 50% when utilised on a typical dwelling...

Fabric First Solutions

We can assist design teams to develop fabric first solutions through material selection advice, thermal bridging analysis, U-value performance review and SAP & SBEM assessments to ensure the fabric design is fully optimised from the outset.

Dynamic Simulation Modelling

Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) allows us to create a very detailed thermal model of your proposed building to accurately assess any heating, cooling and ventilation issues it may have once it is built. 

Daylight and Sunlight Modelling

The provision of sufficient natural daylight is known to boost the health and wellbeing as well as performance of individuals in buildings. We can undertake dynamic simulations to predict daylight levels to ensure client targets and aspirations can be achieved from the...

Low Carbon Technology Studies

Low and zero carbon generating technologies (LZCGT) are increasingly required to meet CO2 related legislation, and if designed correctly, they may also offer considerable financial savings. We can carry out feasibility studies to establish the optimum solution for...

Sustainability Assessments

From the outset Carbon Futures work collaboratively with design teams to develop a sustainable low carbon strategy to meet or even exceed the standards set by local authorities.

Thermal Comfort & Overheating

A sustainable building promotes the health and wellbeing of its occupants by providing a comfortable internal environment. By working closely with design teams we can undertake an assessment to predict the indoor temperatures and recommend measures to prevent...

Heating and Cooling Loads

By working closely with design teams we can evaluate proposed new-build designs or existing buildings to calculate the heating and/or cooling loads to assist in delivering the optimum services solution.