Approved Certifier of Design

As Approved Certifiers of Design we are fully qualified to certify the energy design of buildings in Scotland.

The certification system is based upon the principle that qualified and experienced building professionals can, (without the need for further scrutiny by local authorities), take responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Building Regulations.

An Approved Certifier of Design (ACD) may be appointed to ensure that their building meets the requirements of Section 6 - Energy of the Scottish Building Standards. Using an ACD is an option open to applicants carrying out work that requires a building warrant such as; a new build project, extension or refurbishment. A Certificate of Design provides assurance of compliance with the energy standards. 

An applicant for a building warrant using an ACD should indicate on the warrant application that certification services are being used and include the relevant design certificate. Failure to do so will result in refusal of the discount and may increase the length of time required to process the application by the verifier. A certificate may be submitted to the verifier at any stage of the building warrant process (should a discount not be desired).

There are numerous benefits to appointing an Approved Certifier of Design;

  • ACDs can assist at the design stage to ensure developments exceed regulations and maximise fuel efficiency and use less energy
  • 10% discount is applied to the entire cost of the building warrant application fee when a Certificate of Design is submitted with the original application
  • Building warrant applications are handled quicker as there is no need for further checking of design work that has been certified by an ACD
  • ACDs are building professionals who meet very high standards of qualification and experience that are necessary to be accepted for membership by scheme providers
  • Members of a certification scheme have their work audited by the scheme provider and must maintain the quality standards expected of certification
  • ACDs are authorised to issue an Energy Performance Certificate once the building is completed. EPCs help identify a property’s energy performance and includes cost-effective home improvement measures that will help save energy, reduce bills and cut carbon emissions

Engaging with Carbon Futures as Approved Certifier of Design has proven to significantly improve the building warrant process, speeding up verification, resulting in quicker commencement on site.


Carbon Futures offer a wide range of services that we have utilised to maximise energy efficiency in design and construction.  This is an approach that we have employed successfully both in Contracting and in the development of the design of our range of standard private house types which have been tailored to meet both current and future Building Regulations.  Carbon Futures innovative approach to the development of design solutions and their participation in value engineering has ensured that developments have progressed within our Client’s budget.  Since formation of Carbon Futures, Campion Homes have been happy to work in partnership on a number of projects and continue to do so on an ongoing basis.

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