Heating and Cooling Loads

By working closely with design teams we can evaluate proposed new-build designs or existing buildings to calculate the heating and/or cooling loads to assist in delivering the optimum services solution.

Prior to installing heating and cooling systems, building heat losses and heat gains should be calculated to ensure the equipment is sized correctly avoiding the use of unnecessary and costly energy.

By evaluating project designs and considering factors such as the building fabric performance, ventilation rates and heat gains, we can assess the heating and cooling loads for every space in the building.

Using local weather data we will ensure that heating and cooling equipment will be capable of meeting the desired temperatures in the building without being grossly oversized.


Collective Architecture are currently working with Carbon Futures on a number of large scale housing developments, having previously worked with the team on a variety of award winning projects.  Carbon Futures are an important part of the design team who successfully integrate sustainable energy strategies into our proposals.  They approach each new project collaboratively, with a strong interest in working with us to realise an holistic design approach. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

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