Update on Glasgow City Council's enhanced sustainability standards

Industry News / July 13 2018

GCC News

From the 1st September 2018, all domestic planning applications submitted to Glasgow City Council will be required to demonstrate a minimum 27% reduction in carbon emissions (Gold Level Aspect 1) over current standards plus a minimum 20% carbon reduction abatement through the use of renewable technologies.

For domestic developments, there are now 3 identified options that will satisfy the aims of SG5: Resource Management. All of the options will require new developments to meet Gold Level Aspect 1 as a minimum. 

Gold Level Aspect 1 relates to carbon dioxide emissions: an improvement of 27% against the Target Emissions Rate (TER) required by the 2015 Building Regulations. This is the equivalent to a 42.8% improvement on 2010 standards and a 60% improvement against 2007 standards.  There is also a requirement to provide a minimum 20% carbon reduction through the use of LZCGT.


Alternatvie Gold Level Compliance Options:  Domestic

Option 1:
Gold Hybrid

Option 2:
Nearly Zero Emissions

Option 3:
Net Zero Carbon

Achieve Gold Aspect 1, along with Silver Level Aspects 2-8 inclusive.

Achieve Passivhaus energy performance requirements with Gold Level Aspect 1 and Silver Level Aspects 4-8 inclusive.

Achieve Platinum Level Aspect 1 and Silver Level aspects 2-8 inclusive.

PLUS:  All will be required to include a minimum 20% carbon dioxide emission abatement through the use of low and zero carbon generating technologies.


In addition to the above options, there will also be a requirement for all new developments to be certified by an independent Approved Certifier of Design. Furthermore, a Statement on Energy, utilising the template provided in SG5, will also be required for all new planning applications, however, overall compliance will be dealt with as a suspensive planning condition which is then verified by Building Control at Building Warrant stage.

Moving forward, DRS Housing and Regeneration Services will look to develop pilot projects through their Affordable Housing Supply programme to demonstrate Gold level compliance options 2 and 3 which in turn will assist the industry in Glasgow to develop the skills necessary to deliver such standards and increase the capacity of their supply chains.

This revised approach is aimed at supporting sustainable development in Glasgow to satisfy both the obligations set out by legislation and the vision of Glasgow City Council’s Energy and Carbon Masterplan.

Non-domestic buildings will only be required to demonstrate a further 38% reduction in carbon emissions (Gold Level Aspect 1) plus a minimum 20% carbon reduction abatement through the use of renewable technologies.

Planning applications submitted before the 1st September 2018 will only be required to demonstrate compliance with Silver Level (Aspects 1-8 inclusive) plus a minimum 15% carbon reduction abatement through the use of renewable technologies.

Carbon Futures are suitably qualified Approved Certifiers of Design with extensive experience of producing Statements on Energy in support of planning applications for a wide range of developments throughout Glasgow and the country.

For more information and support on your next development contact our office on 0141 280 8022 or email enquiries@carbonfutures.co.uk.

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