Maxim Park


The Maxim 9 building is a four-storey existing office block within Maxim Park on the outskirts of Glasgow. The BREEAM Very Good office has floor-to-ceiling glazing and an atrium to maximise light throughout the building. TSquared were responsible for the specialised fit-out of the office.


Carbon Futures were appointed by TSquared to calculate the simultaneous peak solar and conduction heat gains for the building using dynamic simulation modelling. The model incorporated existing brise soleil and adjacent buildings to accurately account for the shading impact of these features throughout the year.  

As the calculated loads were to be used to optimise localised cooling equipment, each floor plate was subdivided into 1m2 areas, generating over 10,000 results for the building.

The results were overlaid onto the plan of each floor, allowing the results to be more easily interpreted.

Design Team