East Ayrshire Council Early Years


Partnered with Hub South West Scotland and Scottish Futures Trust, East Ayrshire Council are investing £4M in three new Early Years facilities.

Located in Kilmaurs, Stewarton and Netherthird, the flexible, two-storey buildings feature double-height play spaces with ancillary staff support rooms such as a kitchen prep, offices and meeting spaces.

‘Free flow’ play is encouraged through the provision of a multitude of indoor learning experiences, canopies and an enriched external landscape.

Design Optimisation

Carbon Futures were commissioned to review and optimise the energy strategy originally developed by an M&E consultant using SBEM, a simplistic approach to demonstrating Section 6 – Energy compliance. Through the use of sophisticated dynamic simulation modelling and rectifying areas of non-compliance, we were able to offer considerable savings by reducing the number of PV panels on each building by 25%.

The optimised and compliant energy strategy also met the Employer’s Requirement of an EPC ‘B+’ rating without LZCGT, a mandatory target that could not be achieved with the original energy strategy.

The above measures resulted in an optimised solution, reducing the reliance on bolt-on renewables whilst improving the EPC rating.

LZCGT Strategy Review

In addition to providing design optimisation, we were also appointed to review alternative low and zero carbon generating technologies.

The original energy strategy relied on gas-fired boilers and roof-mounted photovoltaics to reduce CO2 emissions. Although this is a tried and tested strategy, we were appointed to explore more innovative technologies.

We produced an LZCGT Feasibility Study, which recommended that gas-boilers and PV could be replaced with an air source heat pump as part of an improved space and water heating strategy.

Our alternative strategy, which has been adopted, produces less CO2 emissions (which will reduce further as the grid continues to decarbonise) whilst offering a considerable improvement in running costs and efficiency, as illustrated below.

Design Team

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hub South West
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Anderson Bell Christie
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