About Us

We are a leading independent energy consultancy specialising in building physics, energy modelling and low-carbon building design.

With extensive experience of supporting a variety of sectors across the construction and built environment industry, Carbon Futures operate as an intrinsic part of project design teams delivering a comprehensive suite of services to clients ranging from award-winning architects and designers through to local council and government authorities.

We have proven expertise that covers a range of disciplines across the construction industry. Together with our commercial awareness we deploy our considerable knowledge and attention to detail to provide quality advice and technical support throughout the lifecycle of new-build developments. 

Engaging with our team of experts from as early as concept design stage will ensure projects are developed to be fully optimised to meet desired levels of energy performance and sustainability from the outset. We help our clients to understand what low-energy building means to them, how it can be achieved, and the improvements afforded to the end-user as a result. 

Our aim is to bring significant value to new-build developments by working closely with our clients and design teams to produce sustainable, energy efficient strategies that meet or exceed the standards set by Planning and Building Standards.